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(Campaign Site: https://www.timetoalign.org.au/federal-party-responses/)

Leading up to the federal election, 4WD Australia Association has been engaging all federal political parties regarding pre-election commitments in order to nationally align vehicle modification standards across Australia under the “Time To Align” campaign. Today we are pleased to announce we have received pre-election commitments from over 30 federal parties supporting our campaign, which includes all the major parties.

While it would be easy at this stage to declare a federal election victory for the wider Australian motoring community, which would provide alignment of vehicle modification standards nationally, unfortunately, under the current constitution individual state and territory governments have remit to self-manage and regulate vehicle modification standards within their own jurisdictions; so state governments could reject any federal alignment action.

For over ten years, local governments have jointly worked on legislation as members of Council of Australian Governments (COAG) and Australian Motor Vehicle Certification Board (AMVCB), in order to develop a National Code of Practice (NCOP). However, after all this time, no two state or territory governments have a full alignment of NCOP, which also includes relevant state standards, regulations, and certification procedures. Unfortunately, it appears state and territory bureaucrats wanted to put their additional limitations and restrictions inside the national code, so all state and territory registration authorities now have their own separate modification standards once again, some vastly different to others; this is impeding a national solution for all Australian motoring community and industry groups.

In 1989, the Australian Design Rules (ADR) version 2 was managed by individual states and territory governments, and was centralised under the Commonwealth when it was updated to ADR version 3, so there is a precedent for local governments to agree to transfer responsibility of regulations to the Commonwealth or national regulator, similar to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).

While the NCOP has fixed limits and measurements for many modification types, some states such as NSW, VIC and SA have engineering and certification procedures allowing certified auto- mechanical engineers to safely modify outside of the NCOP limitations, while other states restrict engineering by industry certified professionals. Additionally, many engineered modifications cannot be simply transferred between states for registration purposes, without having to be completely re-engineered in the new state, or removed if they do not comply with the new state’s regulations.

Due to local registration standards, every auto-mechanical engineer, automotive workshop and aftermarket product seller across Australia, has no assurance their products will be accepted across the entire Australian marketplace. Further, large national companies have significant fleet management issues due to the indifferent state legislation, registration and movement of vehicles across interstate boundaries.

Australian tourism is also being affected, as motorists who travel from their home state with legal modifications, are being defected by over zealous enforcement agencies when they cross a state border, and their vehicles don’t meet the requirements of the jurisdiction they are traveling in. If a vehicle is legally modified and meets compliance in its home state, then it should technically be allowed to travel through all states unhindered, however we are aware enforcement agencies are defecting vehicles in this instance.

Disparate vehicle standards are disruptive to the Australian general population, motoring industry, motoring communities and generates an unnecessary level of bureaucracy, with many people losing faith in the necessity of state and territory governments. There is no reason why the state and territory governments cannot transfer vehicle modification regulations and standards to the Commonwealth.

The “Time To Align” campaign lists every federal party who supports national alignment, and all the state and territory governments who have responded to our requests to harmonise. We ask people to speak to their local government Transport Ministers and ascertain whether they support national alignment (in writing), and refer to our list of federal parties when looking to vote on 18 May 2019.





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